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Primamedia: Fall in Botanical garden

14 October 2014: The six organizations joining the newly created East Asian biodiversity conservation network (EABCN) include the Korean National Arboretum, National University of Mongolia, Institute of Applied Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute of Japan, Botanical Garden-Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Science, and South China Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The first activity of EABCN was an English book it has published on some 100 plants growing in East Asian countries: “Important Plants of East Asia: Plants Tell Stories”. It is expected to help the public better understand the importance of preserving plant life.
East Asian biodiversity conservation network (2014), Important Plants of East Asia: Plants Tell Stories. Korea National Arboretum, Pocheon, 223 pp.

Russian Government has initiated reforms of the Russian academy of sciences. Besides the aims of reforms, new bill presented to the Russian Parliament for approval will certainly affect many (if not say all) scientists, research groups and change the ongoing work on all project including international researches. Here we provide collection of materials to let our partners know what is going on here, in Russia, with the academic science.

September 27, 2013

SOLD! Putin signs the law on RAS reform

September 26, 2013
Yulia Latynina: Reforms spell the end for Russian Science
Russian Senate OKs the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences

September 21, 2013

NATURE: Russian academy leader speaks out on reforms

September 20, 2013

NATURE: Vote seals fate of Russian Academy of Sciences
Russian Parliament Gives Approval for State to Take Over Academy of Sciences

September 18, 2013 Russian Parliament approved the bill on Academy of sciences reform

September 17, 2013

18:22 Vladivostok time: Parliament decides: the bill needs more to discuss

THE APPEAL of the constantly working Conference of scientists of RAS “The present and future of science in Russia”

On 17thof September the Russian parliament, the State Duma is going to make an unprecedented decision leading to the destruction of the Russian Academy of Sciences and causing an irreversible damage to Russian science and whole country.

Administration of the President presented the variant of the bill №305828-6 to the Federal Assembly. According to this bill all institutes of RAS will be transferred under the control of the newly created bureaucratic agency which is certainly unable to manage science. The massive protest of the Russian scientific community rose against this decision was supported by thousands of foreign scientists including dozens of Nobel laureates. More than 119 thousands of Russian citizens have signed the petition to withdraw this bill.

The agreement between the President of the Russian Federation and the President of the RAS achieved by September 4, 2013 has been grossly violated in this version of the bill. This substantially undermines the reputation of the President of the Russian Federation.

We call on deputes of the State Duma and Federal Assembly not to pass a law that is rejected by scientific community and we ask the President to come back to agreements with the President of Russian Academy of Sciences.


ON CONTINUING THE CONFERENCE (from the Russian text on

Resolution of the Conference of scientists of theRussianAcademyof Sciences "The present and future of science in Russia. The place and role of the RussianAcademyof Sciences"

Moscow, 29-30 August, 2013


  • the uncertainty of the perspectives for further promotion of the draft law "On the Russian Academy of Sciences" at the State Duma,
  • the unpredictability of legislative and executive powers' further steps concerning the RAS,
  • the necessity for an effective interaction between the scientific community and the RAS General Meeting and the RAS Presidium,

we believe it necessary to not close the Conference of scientists of the RAS, but make it permanently standing. In order to do this we instruct the Organizing Committee of the Conference to:

1) continue its work and, if necessary, resume the meetings of the Conference;

2) keep in working order the internet resources of the Conference and publish there updates on the situation around the RAS;

3) maintain and develop the newly emerged horizontal communications and the other resources which assure the continuity of the Conference functioning.

Apeal of Academicians to the President of Russia and Parliament Chairmen (First of July Club)

the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin
the Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko
the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Sergey Naryshkin
the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev

We hereby express our categorical rejection of the draft federal law "Concerning the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Reorganization of the State Academies of Sciences and Amendments to Various Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation" submitted to the State Duma. Since we cannot regard the proposed "new Academy" as a legitimate or worthy successor and replacement for the existing Russian Academy of Sciences as founded by Peter I, we want to make it clear that should
the law be passed, we will refuse to join this "new Academy".

academician Zakharov V.E., academician Kryazhimskii A.V., academician Rubakov V.A., academician Shirkov D.V., academician Ershov Yu.L., academician Kotlyakov V.M., academician Dikansky N.S., academician Vassiliev V.A., academician Keldysh L.V., academician Stishov S.M., academician Starobinsky A.A., academician Yanin V.L., academician Abrikosov A.A., academician Betelin V.B., academician Nigmatulin R.I., academician Dmitriev V.V., academician Sadovsky M.V., academician Grachev M.A., academician Kuleshov A.P., academician Timofeev V.B., academician Dybo V.A., academician Eliashberg G.M., academician Chaplik A.V., academician Gershtein S.S., academician Sagdeev Roald Z, academician Gaponov-Grekhov A.V., academician Kardashev N.S., academician Parijskij Yu.N., academician Suris R.A., academician Okun L.B., corresponding member of RAS Manin Yu.I., corresponding member of RAS Volovich I.V., corresponding member of RAS Morozov A.Yu., corresponding member of RAS Arseev P.I., corresponding member of RAS Vysotsky M.I., corresponding member of RAS Zybin K.P., corresponding member of RAS Gavrin V.N., corresponding member of RAS Khriplovich I.B., corresponding member of RAS Danilov-Danilyan V.I., corresponding member of RAS Balakin V.E., corresponding member of RAS Solomina O.N., corresponding member of RAS Smirnov N.G., corresponding member of RAS Soloviev A.A., corresponding member of RAS Nemirovskii S.Yu., corresponding member of RAS Belavin A.A., corresponding member of RAS Tkachev I.I., corresponding member of RAS Yalandin M.I., corresponding member of RAS Ivchenko E.L., corresponding member of RAS Ivanov S.V., corresponding member of RAS Ioffe B.L., corresponding member of RAS Sibeldin N.N., corresponding member of RAS Sobolev A.V., corresponding member of RAS Shchepin E.V., corresponding member of RAS Gulev S.K., corresponding member of RAS Makhlin Yu.U., corresponding member of RAS Khazanov E.A., corresponding member of RAS Tolstonogov A.A., corresponding member of RAS Panin I.A., corresponding member of RAS Ivanchik A.I., corresponding member of RAS Trubetskov D.I., corresponding member of RAS Treshchev D.V., corresponding member of RAS Smelyansky R.L., corresponding member of RAS Dybo A.V., corresponding member of RAS Razborov A.A., corresponding member of RAS Beklemishev L.D., corresponding member of RAS Brazhkin V.V., corresponding member of RAS Degtyarov K.E., corresponding member of RAS Sergeev A.M., corresponding member of RAS Borisov A.B., corresponding member of RAS Rozanov N.N., corresponding member of RAS Rabinovich M.I., corresponding member of RAS Murtazaev A.K., corresponding member of RAS Anikin A.E.

Russian researchers protest against law dissolving Academy of Sciences
Revolt of the professors
NATURE: Russian science: Academy reform needs a reality check
Russian scientists claim state reform will 'kill science'
5 Things to Know About the Battle for Russia's Academy of Sciences


We begin to fill the English version of our website with information. In the early stages of this process many links in this page will be opening Russian texts. Translation of all materials will take some time. We are grateful to those our readers, who may help with the editing of our "Russian dialect" of English :)

Федеральное государственное бюджетное учреждение науки Ботанический сад-институт Дальне­вос­точного отделения Рос­сийской академии наук объявляет конкурс:

  • на замещение вакантной должности старшего научного сотрудника (кандидат наук) 1,0 ставка по специальности 03.02.01 «Ботаника» в лабораторию флоры Дальнего Востока Читать подробности...
  • на замещение вакантной должности старшего научного сотрудника (кандидат или доктор наук) 1,0 ставка по специальности 03.02.01 «Ботаника» в лабораторию криптогамной биоты Читать подробности... .

24 февраля 2014 года Ботаническому саду-институту ДВО РАН исполнилось 65 лет! Фильм Елены Щедриной -- Интервью директора БСИ ДВО РАН агентству PrimaMedia

In April 20, 2013, at 11:00, in the Great Hall of the Center Children's Art, Vladivostok

Botanical Garden-Institute FEB RAS holds ecological and botanical event for school students of the Asia-Pacific region, the " Rhododendron Day ." In 2013, the theme of conference is " The forest in the palm ."

What is it about? It is about life of the forest at scales from the macro- to microprocesses; about the individual plants and the plant communities; about the mutual cooperation of animals and plants and why such cooperation is important for the forest; and why our forest must be protected and preserved.

The conference begins at 11:00. In the event jury will choose the winners. Announcement and awarding of winners will take place at the end of the conference.

April 21, 2013 - Open-doors Day at the Botanical Garden-Institute FEB RAS with free excursions at 12:00 and 14:00.

IABG is now globally seeking a director of the General Office of its council (South China Botanical Garden CAS, Guangzhou, China) , and the attached file is the recuritment notice Recruitment of Director of General office of IABG (30.8 KB) .

Ninth issue of electronic journal "Bulletin of Botanical Garden-Institute FEB RAS" (in Russian) is just out.

A first issue of journal Botanica Pacifica is out.

Нigh quality editing of manuscripts for scientific journals in English -- American Journal Experts

Adonis amurensis

" На проталинах, чуть тронутых дыханием весны, сквозь жухлую прошлогоднюю листву пробивается желтоцвет амурский. Желтоцвет открывает весну. В народе его называют подснежник, так как это первое растение, которое появляется сразу после таяния снега. Желтоцвет радует нас крупными золотистыми цветками, ярко горящими на солнце, отсюда одно из названий растения – горицвет.

... В период цветения стебли покрыты чешуевидными листьями, из пазух которых позднее развиваются крупные, рассеченные на узкие доли, зеленые листья. При этом облик растения меняется до неузнаваемости.

Цветет со второй половины марта... "

We are pleased to announce a new book by Marina Koldaeva, Lyudmila Pshennikova and Svetlana Nesterova from the Botanical Garden-Institute FEB RAS to be published soon

101 Moments of the Spring

Details will come soon !



Вышла из печати книга "100 мгновений весны"

Уважаемые посетители! Доводим до вашего сведения, что Ботанический сад не имеет никакого отношения к продукции, реализуемой цветочным магазином ИП "Аленький цветочек" и ценам на нее. Об услугах, предоставляемых Ботаническим садом, вы можете узнать в разделе "Наши услуги" .

Cannas Chrysanthemum Daylilies Hosts Irises Lilacs Lilies MagnoliasNarcisses Open-ground roses Peonies Phloxes Rhododendrons Roses in greenhouses Tree-peonies Декоративные древесные растения

Вышла из печати книга сотрудников Ботанического сада-института
Марины Колдаевой , Светланы Нестеровой и Людмилы Пшенниковой

подробности ЗДЕСЬ !

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Сюжет о наших коллегах из Центрального ботанического сада Беларуси

Вышел из печати третий номер журнала Botanica Pacifica . На сайте журнала вы можете подробно ознакомиться с содержанием выпуска.
Одиннадцацый номер электронного журнала "Бюллетень Ботанического сада-института ДВО РАН" доступен на нашем сайте.

Качественное языковое редактирование научных публикаций для англоязычных журналов -- American Journal Experts

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Cannas Chrysanthemum Daylilies Hosts Irises Lilacs Lilies MagnoliasNarcisses Open-ground roses Peonies Phloxes Rhododendrons Roses in greenhouses Tree-peonies Декоративные древесные растения

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we work every day a week, including holidays

Working hours:

from May to October: 10.00 - 19.00
from November to April: 10.00 - 17.00

Entrance fee in a period from 16.11.2014 to 31.03.2015:
senior persons – 10 roubles,
school students – 10 roubles,
pre-school children – free,
other visitors – 50 roubles

Symposia and Conferences in Botanical Garden in 2013

Plants in the Monsoon Climate

"Behold the root " - symposium of young Far Eastern botanists
Rhododendron day - 2013

Botanical Symposia and Conferences - 2013
Botanical Garden in mass media
Bonsai in Botanical Garden
Exposition of Ussuri taiga

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