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Petrunenko Ekaterina

Junior Researcher

Interests: biogeography, GIS

Has been working in the BGI FEB RAS since January, 2014


2006-2011: Saint-Petersburg State University, Department of Geography and geoecology, Subdepartment of Biogeography and environmental conservation



Klaas, M., Cormican, P., Michel, T., Hodkinson, T.R., Petrunenko, E. and
Barth, S. Genotyping by sequencing of a collection of miscanthus accessions. Abstracts from the International Conference on ‘Perennial biomass crops for a resource-constrained world’ 7 – 9 September 2015. Hohenheim, Germany. www.biomass2015.eu

Petrunenko Е. Estimation of forest’s resource capacity for large herbivorous animals in «Kedrovaya Pad» Reserve. Proceedings of III(XI) International Botanical Conference of Young Scientists in Saint-Petersburg 4 – 9 October 2015. Saint-Petersburg, Komarov Botanical Institute, 2015. P. 124

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